The idea behind „Letters from Pocket Embassy“ is to help films travel. The focus here is on experimental and art films. We find them on festivals and in our ever expanding network of fellow filmmakers all over the world. If you want to contribute or have an idea for a show, don’t hesitate to contact us.



*1985, based in Berlin

Cylixe is the founder of Pocket Embassy, a filmmaker and video artist. With a background in fine arts, her films are somewhere between documentary and essay. Her goal is to create a network for international, independent film makers, to support and nurture each other and the craft.

curated: Caracas Edition, New York Edition, Berlin Edition



Deborah Uhde
*1982, based in Berlin

Deborah Uhde is an independent filmmaker and art student. Her special focus is set on experimental and documentary films, as well as on situate formats like installation or performance. Also writing critiques, instructing workshops/ trainings and curating film programs.

curated: Budapest Edition



Mandy Krebs
*1987, based in Berlin

Site-specific working is the initial point of her artistic practice. Mandy stages situations that have or could taken place on site with the help of re-enactments and a visual language that moves between documentary and feature film. In her works she analyzes in what way and to what extent architecture defines social space and exercises power over bodies, capital and representation. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Arts Braunschweig (DE) until 2013 and graduated with a diploma and Meisterschüler. She was in the classes of John M. Armleder and Corinna Schnitt. Her work was shown in several exhibitions and festivals.

curated: Berlin Edition, Geneva Edition